As you can see, after many years, the site has had a complete revamp. This is the start of turning into a more community driven site, with various authors all able to upload and modify pages, without necessarily having any web editing skills.

All the content is now back in place in it's new format, and over the next week or so, all the pages will be tidied up, reformatted and any broken links fixed.



After a long while, I've been tidying up the site over the last few days. You'll notice new graphics on the front page, and all broken links are fixed.


I've just finished updating the register again, We now have photos and more details for several new cars, but as always I need more, so keep them coming at

The Japanese register has also had more details added, the next job is to add details and photos for the few cars that I know of.

Other pages around the site have had minor updates over the past week, all the menus are now up to date with the new pages etc.

And please if you're reading this, join the forum and help make it a lively and interesting place.


Lots more progress to report on the site, you'll find that the register has been revised again, it's now split into separate pages for the UK and Japan cars, and theres an awful lot more detail on specific cars in the UK register. But as always, I need more details and pics, so please send them to me.

I've made a few changes to the Buyer's Guide, correcting a few untruths and generally bringing it up to date.

All that really remains is for me to update the shows page, and alter the few pages that are still using the older menus and the site should be nicely up to date for once.


I've just been contacted by Eric, the present owner of R1024, G969 VYO. The car is now in Antwerp, Belgium, and looks in great condition. You can find more details and photos on his page in the register.


It's been a while since the last update of the site, but over the next few days, you should see some major changes. I've been working on new sections of the site for some time, and I am now at the point where I can bring it all together and publish it online.

Firstly, this section is new, I'm going to use it as a kind of Blog section for the site, keeping everyone informed of new articles and other news. This is also where you will find details of any future E.R.A. stands at Mini Shows organised by myself or Darren.

I've completely rewritten the register, it's now an amalgamation of the official factory records and information supplied by current or previous owners. Hopefully it should give everyone a greater insight into the number's of E.R.A's produced, and their details. Ideally I would like to have separate pages for each car that is known to still exist, so if anybody has any information and photos on their car, then please forward it onto me.

For the F.A.Q section, I'm going to take the questions I'm most commonly asked and publish them here. Hopefully, it should reduce my workload a bit, and give me more time to spend on updating the site isntead of replying to emails.

The advertising section now has an extra page with copies of the original E.R.A. price lists.

Finally, we have our own Forum, hopefully it will become a busy and interesting place if we all use it. Oli South has very kindly offered to modify this.