Interior Trim

The interior trim in the ERA is unique to this model. Two versions are available, which are classified as ‘full' or ‘half leather'. The half leather incorporates a woven cloth in conjunction with grey leather panels. Check that all upholstery is free from undue wear, and that the leather is soft, supple and free from cracks. If original, the rear seat squab is sculptured and also narrowed front to back by approximately two inches to accommodate the modified Metro front seats. These have also been slightly narrowed, to allow adequate access to the handbrake lever. Check that both rear glove box covers are in place and fitted securely.

The original cars had Philips loudspeakers fitted either side of the rear parcel shelf and matching small rectangular high frequency units, fitted either side of the front dash shelf. Substituted units will give improved the sound, but at the expense of originality. Check that the front glove box cover is secure and opens and closes correctly.