The ERA Mini Turbo Register


Two variations of the E.R.A. Mini Turbo were made, these were the cars built for the UK and european market and those built for the Japanese market.

The registers for each variant are below.

UK Car Register

Japanese Car Register



UK Cars

99 UK spec cars were built, of these :-


4 are known to of been stolen or written off

9 were exported to Japan, though one of these has now been imported again.

5 were exported to Germany,

and 1 to the Sultan of Brunei.


Therefore there are a maximum of 81 cars in the UK, though I'm sure this figure is much lower.


Originally, 53 of the cars were Green,

30 Red,

9 Black,

4 White,

and 3 Silver.


Japanese Cars
337 Japanese spec cars were built, of these :-
157 were in Red,
and 180 in BRG.

I know very little about how many remain today, though many have been exported.