Brakes & Suspension

The rear brakes on the ERA are standard Mini City , but the hubs are fitted with longer wheel studs to accommodate the alloy wheels, whereas the front brakes are identical to those fitted on certain Metro models. Each side has a 4-pot calliper, in conjunction with 8.4 inch ventilated disc.

When operating correctly, they should lock the front wheels at any legal road speed.

The brakes are configured so that two pistons in each front calliper are operated in conjunction with the rear brake cylinders, (primary system) and the remaining two pistons in each front calliper operate independently (secondary system). Because of this configuration, two flexible hoses are fitted to each calliper and two metal brake pipes extend these connections back to the brake servo. Check that both metal brake pipes that are routed around the inside edge of the engine sub-frame are free from corrosion, and that the associated plastic securing clips are undamaged. Check that all four flexible hoses are in good condition. If time permits, a quick check that all bleed nipples can be released may draw attention to possible future expense. Seized bleed nipples are a common problem on these callipers.

The front suspension, whilst incorporating special parts, is very similar to the Mini City and does not warrant any additional checks.

Adjustable gas shock absorbers are fitted as standard. They are set for the most suitable handling and ride quality. If the car handles well, then they are best left alone.