Note: The actual pages of the Microfiche are annotated with group letter, then page.
e.g. C03 indicates page 3 of group C.

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Fiche - Page 1

B Introduction
C Engine
D Flywheel & Clutch
E Gearbox & Propshaft
F Axles, Suspension, Drive Shafts
G Steering
H Brakes and Brake Controls
I Fuel, Exhaust & Emision Systems
J Cooling, Heating and Air Conditioning
K Electrical, Washers - Wipers, Instruments
L Electrical, Washers - Wipers, Instruments
M Chassis, Subframes, Bodyshell, Fittings
N Chassis, Subframes, Bodyshell, Fittings
O Fascia, Trim, Seats & Fixings


Fiche - Page 2

B Introduction
C Accesories & Paint
D Numerical Index