Buyers Guide

This guide is written to assist anyone wishing to purchase one of these very rare versions of the Mini. The author, from feedback on this site and other research, has concluded that at the present date (January 2007) there are a maximum of 81 ERA Mini Turbos in the UK though this figure is likely to be much lower, probably around 60, and in various conditions, ranging from concours to a pile of parts. 337 Japanese spec cars and 9 UK spec cars were originally exported to Japan, though the number that remain is totally unknown.

Every ERA Mini Turbo started life as a standard Mini City saloon, supplied by Rover. In consequence, most of the usual bodywork problems that are associated with the Mini can also be found in the ERA. There is little point in detailing all these common problems, as many magazine articles and books have given all the information necessary to find and correct them.

This section is therefore confined to points that are unique to the ERA, and are described under the following headings:-