For Sale and Wanted

Cars for sale

The following cars are presently up for sale

RJ1142, a modified Japanese ERA which has been recently imported back into the UK. Because of this, the seller advises that it is in very good condition. If you're interested, go to or give Duncan a call on 07867 900543

R1006, G.C. Motors (3rd car down)

R1059, Cox's Cars Ltd (6 up from the bottom of the page)


Parts and other items for sale

No parts currently for sale


Items Wanted

Darren is looking for basically a whole interior for his car. He needs front and rear seats, all 4 door cards, and the covers over the rear pockets. If anyone can help, send him an email on

If you have something ERA Mini Turbo related to sell or require something, and please only ERA related items, Contact Me