Electrical System

Apart from the Philips Model 681 cassette player, and rear ‘wash wipe' system, only the engine and dashboard wiring is significantly different from the original Mini City .

A schematic diagram and description of the amended engine electrics is given under the ‘Technical' heading on this site.

The complete dashboard assembly is wired as a separate item and all connections to it from the main loom are made via two rectangular plug/sockets, located near to the steering column. The speedometer cable is routed behind the dash and attached directly to the instrument's rear. All instruments should indicate correctly when the vehicle is operating normally.

The wash pump for the rear wash/wipe is located in the rearmost offside of the boot, behind the trim. It should operate when the internally rear wiper switch is pressed. Because of the way that the pump was originally mounted above the motor, water leaking from the pump unit penetrates the brush assembly of the drive motor, eventually causing it to fail. This assembly can be stripped and cleaned fairly easily but, when refitting, invert the assembly so that the pump unit is below the motor. Check that the rear, Metro type, wash nozzle is mounted correctly and the area surrounding it is free from corrosion. Any previous attempt to remove it will have damaged the adjacent paintwork and resulted in at least one of its mounting lugs snapping.